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Empower your entertainment ventures with Fallbrook's tailored financing solutions. Dive into a world where strategic investments meet the magic of film and production, amplified by our expertise in leveraging tax credits.

Lights, Camera, Tax Credits - Empowering the Entertainment Industry

Your trusted partner in film, production, and entertainment investments. We specialize in providing financing solutions and opportunities for individuals and organizations seeking to invest in the dynamic world of entertainment while leveraging the benefits of tax credits. With our expertise in film financing and tax credit programs, we support the growth and success of the film and production industry.

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Investing in Film with Fallbrook Financial Services

Fallbrook's Film Services

Our Expertise Includes:

Fallbrook provides end-to-end services to maximize and expedite your film tax credits.

Tax Credit Consulting for Producers:

Applications, estimates, tagging, accounting assistance, and audit preparation.

Tax Credit Underwriting and Monitoring for Lenders:

Providing opinions, estimating, underwriting, administering, and monitoring credits for loan compliance.

Tax Credit Monetization:

Coordinating the sale of tax credits directly to our extensive list of corporate taxpayers.

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    Our Team

    Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Managing Director - Tax Credit Group

    Josh has structured and monetized over one billion dollars of state and federal tax credit investments over the last twenty years.

    Senior Managing Director - Film & Television Finance

    Will joined Fallbrook in 2021 to lead the film finance division, which specializes in representing North American banks engaged in U.S. tax incentive lending.

    Associate - Film & Television Finance

    Matt is an experienced accounting and finance professional, specialized in entertainment, he manages media production tax incentives at Fallbrook.

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