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At Fallbrook, we deliver premier asset management services, ensuring project success and longevity from start to finish.

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Fallbrook: Elevating the Asset Management Process Every Step of the Way

Fallbrook is committed to providing exceptional asset management services to its clients and partners. Our team of seasoned professionals at Fallbrook manages every stage of the project lifecycle, from due diligence to disposition.

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Fallbrook evaluates developer models and aligns them with industry and investor standards. We ensure adequate risk mitigation and realistic and attainable projections.

Due Diligence

Fallbrook conducts comprehensive reviews of all relevant information and documentation associated with the project, including third-party reports, entity and financing documents, and underwriting assumptions. We verify the accuracy, feasibility, and compliance of each project and ensure that the developer has the necessary experience and financial wherewithal to complete construction of the project and resources to support it through its operating term.

Construction Monitoring

Fallbrook closely monitors the progress and quality of construction by reviewing construction draws and on-site inspections. We identify and work to resolve any issues or delays in real-time and keep our clients and partners informed of the project status.

Property Site Inspections

Fallbrook performs annual site inspections to evaluate property operations, physical condition, market position, and regulatory compliance of each project. We provide feedback and recommendations to the developer and property manager and ensure that the project meets or exceeds our standards and expectations.

Post-Closing Changes Or Issues

Fallbrook monitors each investment and continually evaluates property and fund-level reserves, confirms each property is maintaining proper books and records, and there is adequate financial resources to support projects. Fallbrook also proactively addresses any changes or issues that may arise after the closing of the project and safeguards the interests of our clients and partners.


Fallbrook identifies and works to resolve any problems that may affect the performance or viability of a project. We work collaboratively with the developer and other stakeholders to implement solutions and corrective actions and maintain frequent communication until the project returns to normal operations.

Managing Member Transition

Fallbrook provides guidance and assistance if a General Partner/Managing Member is unable or unwilling to perform its duties or solve the problems of a project. Fallbrook can facilitate or help identify a replacement and ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Transfers Of Limited Partnership

Fallbrook evaluates and facilitates the transfer of interests between investors by determining the rights, value, and obligations of each party, guides the investor through the transfer process, and protects the investor from recapture and other potential issues.

Recapitalization Strategies

Fallbrook evaluates the short and long-term prospects of a project and determines the optimal strategy to maximize the asset value and cash flow. We explore various options, such as refinancing, restructuring, or selling, and advise our clients and partners on the best course of action in accordance with their goals.

Portfolio Restructurings

Fallbrook analyzes every asset within a portfolio and devises a strategy that will provide the best financial outcome for our clients and partners. Fallbrook monitors and measures the performance of each asset, evaluates potential options, and executes the tasks that lead to portfolio optimization.


Fallbrook prepares and executes the disposition of end-of-life assets, by analyzing the highest and best use of each asset and ensuring maximum returns for its investor partners. We coordinate and collaborate with all parties involved in the disposition process, including other partners/members, outside brokers, lenders, purchasers, and regulatory agencies.

Quarterly And Annual Reporting

Fallbrook prepares and disseminates quarterly and annual reports to its clients and partners that highlight the financial performance and status of each asset in a portfolio. Fallbrook also outlines the steps and actions we intend to take in order to maximize performance or address issues.

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    Director - Funds Management

    Justin has been active in the real estate field for over 15 years. Justin has been responsible for the financial oversight of commercial, energy producing and residential assets.

    Chief Credit Officer, Managing Director - Funds Management

    Rose has over 28 years of experience and has been responsible for due diligence, development, acquisition, credit analysis, and management.

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