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For a streamlined journey to fiscal efficiency and strategic financial growth.

Unlocking the Power of Economic Growth and Sustainability

Federal tax credits are a cornerstone of economic development and sustainability in the United States. Fallbrook is your expert guide through the landscape of federal tax incentives, helping you leverage these opportunities to fuel growth and positive change.

Federal Tax Credits are designed to encourage investment in key areas such as affordable housing, renewable energy, and historic preservation.

Seamlessly navigate the tax terrain as we help you implement federal tax credits that strategically reduce your tax liability, paving the way for financial efficiency.

Fallbrook empowers you to make impactful investments, providing expert guidance to strategically channel resources and evaluate investment opportunities that match your goals and values.

Elevate your financial strategies, stimulate economic growth, and carefully navigate complex rules and regulations of various sustainable initiatives with Fallbrook's expertise.

Federal Tax Credits come in various types

Federal Tax Credits Offer Unique Benefits for Various Parties.


ESG Solutions that maximize your tax benefits and generate positive financial returns.


CRA strategies and asset management for community development investments.

Privately Held Companies

Professional Tax Credit Services for companies seeking to purchase or sell earned or needed tax credits.

Cultivating Success through Expert Tax Credit Guidance

Fallbrook's team of experts provide comprehensive services to help you maximize the benefits of federal tax credits.

Strategic Planning

Tailoring strategies to align with your investment goals.

Aligning Partnerships

Ensuring you and your projects are connected with the right parties.

Financial Structuring

Optimizing the financial aspects of your tax credit investments.

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    Our Team


    Craig has helped clients invest over two billion dollars of tax credit equity investments since 1987.

    Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Managing Director - Tax Credit Group

    Josh has structured and monetized over one billion dollars of state and federal tax credit investments over the last twenty years.


    Brandt has 30+ years in tax credits and excels in affordable housing, tax incentives, finance, and more. Brandt has an extensive industry network and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from George Washington University.

    Senior Managing Director - Capital Markets Group

    Christian is a tenured tax credit specialist with over a decade of experience. He has been instrumental in financing over $1 billion in multifamily housing.

    Chief Credit Officer, Managing Director - Funds Management

    Rose has over 28 years of experience and has been responsible for due diligence, development, acquisition, credit analysis, and management.

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