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Investments for Insurance Companies

Fallbrook is a leading provider of tax credit investments for insurance companies. We offer a wide range of tax credit investments that help insurance companies meet their financial goals.

Our tax credit investments are designed to meet the needs of insurance companies of all sizes. We offer tax credit investments in various sectors, including affordable housing, renewable energy, and historic preservation, for state and federal tax credits.

Our tax credit investment opportunities are designed to provide insurance companies with a diversified portfolio of investments that can help them meet their risk and return objectives.

Advancement for Insurers

Affordable Housing

Investing in affordable housing projects can help to reduce homelessness and provide much-needed housing for low-income families.

Renewable Energy

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change by investing in renewable energy projects.

Historic Preservation

Investing in historic preservation projects can bring us closer to preserving culturally significant buildings that honor various heritages and create jobs in the construction and tourism industries.

The Benefits for Insurance Companies through Tax Credits and Fixed-Income Investments


ESG investments can help you meet your ESG goals by investing in projects that have a positive impact on the environment, society, or governance.


Tax credits can reduce your insurance company’s tax liability. This can provide liquidity that you can use to invest in other areas and improve stakeholder relationships.


Tax credit investments can generate positive financial returns for your insurance company. In fact, many have outperformed traditional investments.


Investing in tax credits offers a strategic avenue for portfolio diversification, mitigating risk while potentially increasing returns.

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    Craig has helped clients invest over two billion dollars of tax credit equity investments since 1987.

    Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Managing Director - Tax Credit Group

    Josh has structured and monetized over one billion dollars of state and federal tax credit investments over the last twenty years.

    Senior Managing Director - Capital Markets Group

    Christian is a tenured tax credit specialist with over a decade of experience. He has been instrumental in financing over $1 billion in multifamily housing.

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