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Financial Solution Tax Credit

Tax Credits

Tax credit specialists dedicated to reducing clients’ federal and
state tax liabilities

Financial Solution Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Debt and Equity solutions for commercial real estate

Financial Solution Film Finance

Film Finance

A one-stop-shop for production companies and studios that want to maximize their tax credits

Financial Solution Multifamily Investments

Multifamily Investments

Helping our corporate clients invest in affordable multifamily properties and manage existing assets

Financial Solution Energy Investments

Energy Investments

An investment and advisory firm specializing in the development of renewable energy projects

Financial Solution Capital Securities

Capital Securities

A FINRA broker-dealer focused on tax equity investments and middle market mergers and acquisitions

Who We Are

Knowledge, Capability, Collaboration, Relationships & ESG

We are nationally recognized Tax Credit Investment Specialists with
30+ years of Tax Equity investment experience. Fallbrook has
financed, structured, and monetized over 6 billion dollars of
federal and state tax credits.

Who We Are

Our Specialties

Our specialties Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing

Our Bridge Financing Program can be used to pre-fund ensuing
state and/or federal tax credit equity and to acquire or refinance
multi-family properties.
Our specialties LIHTC Construction To Perm

LIHTC Construction To Perm

Fallbrook’s construction to permanent loan program provides
affordable housing developers with the most efficient and
cost-effective financing for 4% LIHTC deals.
Our specialties Investor Services

Investor Services

  • Investment identification
  • Investment underwriting and analysis
  • Deal structuring
  • Tax credit awardee due diligence
  • Transaction negotiation and facilitation

Our specialties Federal Tax Credit

Federal Tax Credit & Equity
State Tax Credit Monetization

Expertise in structuring and providing Tax Credit Awardees
with the best pricing and terms for their Historic, Solar, and
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

Maximize Your Tax Credits

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The Federal Reserve announced a 0.50 percentage point interest rate hike Tuesday, further increasing the costs of credit cards, auto financing, and variable-rate loans.

Rate increases aim to slow inflation, but they also boost the cost of borrowing. In the last year, interest rates have jumped by about 3% for credit cards and have nearly doubled for auto financing and adjustable-rate loans and mortgages. With Tuesday’s increase, those costs will rise slightly. Read Full Article.

December 19, 2022

Novogradac Provides Resources to Assist with Questions about 2023 HUD Income Limits

Novogradac has resources available for members of the affordable housing community to better understand what to expect this year regarding 2023 income limits. Calculation of the 2023 income limits would typically include information collected in 2020 for the American Community Survey (ACS), but due to the pandemic, the Census Bureau did not release a one-year ACS for 2020. As a result, HUD has stated it will use 2021 ACS data for 2023 income limits, which will push the release of 2023 income limits back by six weeks from its customary April date to May 15.

- January 11, 2023 Read Full Article

Source: Novogradac News

December 19, 2022

Ohio Governor Signs into Law Bill With Provisions Opposed by Affordable Housing Advocates

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed budget legislation containing two provisions that affordable housing advocates urged him to veto. One provision of H.B.45 prevents property owners from pairing federal LIHTCs with state HTCs for the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings; as enacted, the new law prevents future twinning of those incentives and applies to properties in development but not placed in service.

- January 06, 2023 Read Full Article Source: Novogradac News
December 19, 2022

HUD Updates Maps Showing DDAs, QCTs for 2023

HUD updated its map for qualified census tracts (QCTs) and difficult development areas (DDAs) to reflect areas that are effective Jan. 1, 2023. HUD published a notice in the Oct. 24 Federal Register establishing QCTs and DDAs. The 2023 QCTs and DDAs are effective for LIHTC allocations made after Dec. 31, 2022, or buildings placed in service after Dec. 31, 2022, if they are financed with tax-exempt bonds.

- December 8, 2022 Read Full Article Source: Novogradac News
December 19, 2022

Alabama Housing Agency Nears Cap, Pauses Tax-Exempt Bond Applications

The Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) announced it would stop taking applications for multifamily tax-exempt bonds until further notice after reaching its annual cap. Alabama has a bond cap of $138.6 million for 2022 and as of Nov. 30, the state issued $126 million in bonds, with four projects in the multifamily bond pipeline. Tax-exempt private activity bonds (PABs) are paired with 4% LIHTCs to finance affordable housing.

- December 19, 2022 Read Full Article

Source: Novogradac News

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