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Committing to a Sustainable Future

with ESG Initiatives

Fallbrook emphasizes the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in its investment strategies, aligning financial success with a commitment to a sustainable and equitable future.

Understanding ESG Criteria in Investment Screenings


A company's performance as a steward of nature refers to its environmental and natural resources.


A company's management of relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and communities.


A company's structure concerning leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights.

The Significance of ESG Principles in Modern Investing

ESG investing is not just about doing good—it's about long-term value creation. Companies with strong ESG profiles are often more resilient, better managed, and more forward-thinking.

Risk Mitigation

ESG factors can be indicative of operational excellence and lower risk profiles.

Brand Reputation

Strong ESG standards can enhance a company's public image and brand value.

Investor Confidence

An increasing number of investors are seeking out companies with robust ESG practices.

Nurturing Sustainable and Expert Tax Credit Guidance

At Fallbrook, we believe that ESG considerations are integral to building a sustainable business model and investment portfolio.

Environmental Stewardship

Investing in projects and companies that prioritize ecological sustainability.

Social Responsibility

Supporting initiatives that have a positive impact on society and foster community development.

Governance and Ethics

Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Renewable Energy Projects

Highlighting investments in solar and wind energy projects that reduce carbon footprint.

Biomass Conversion

Convert left over biomass and organic materials into renewable natural gas.

Carbon Sequestration

Reduce your company's carbon footprint through the capture, holding, and storing of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.

Cultivating Synergies for Sustainable Impact

We partner with stakeholders who share our commitment to ESG principles, creating a network of progress and positive impact.

Collaborative Efforts:

Joint Ventures

Working with like-minded organizations to amplify our ESG impact.

Community Engagement

Actively participating in community initiatives that align with our ESG goals.

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    Josh has structured and monetized over one billion dollars of state and federal tax credit investments over the last twenty years.

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    Brandt has 30+ years in tax credits and excels in affordable housing, tax incentives, finance, and more. Brandt has an extensive industry network and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from George Washington University.

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    Transaction Associate- Renewable Energy

    Andrew joined Fallbrook in 2023. He supports the federal energy tax credit team.

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